Toddle Town is first of its kind “Kids’ Indoor Play Area” in Chennai with 10 Creative playhouses designed just for our children to play and relax. Our town is a new concept in Chennai that tries to focus on the importance of our children’s playtime with Imagination and Pretend Play.


The Benefits of Imaginative Play in early Childhood

Imaginative and Pretend play develops social skills like practising negotiations, Turns taking & Sharing, Opportunities for working out problems and experimenting with solutions, understanding and expressing their feelings through re-enactment of certain experiences, taking on roles that encourage disciple and empathy, and encourages language skills like looking, listening and talking.

Imaginative Play houses are  specially designed for our children in a safe and hygienic environment in our kids’ indoor play facility to help our Children to be socially responsible at young age and understand the importance of human values to make our country a better place to live and have fun.

Our town is open six days per week, which also makes the perfect venue for sparkling birthday parties and other special events. For more information, please contact us.


I, as a parent of 2 girls and an IT professional faced many challenges like most parents by shuttling between work and trying to spend quality time with our children. Though our kids were under the safe guidance and care, they missed our love and time as they eagerly waited for us to get back from work to be with them.

One Sunday afternoon when the power was out, I happened to observe the imaginative play my girls were enjoying with just a comb and a toothbrush. It felt like a complete acoustic rock show with Miss.V holding the comb to her mouth and singing with her feet tapping to her favourite song and Miss.N tapping the brush and strumming it like a pro on a guitar concert. It was then that it had struck my mind to think about every child’s imagination and the importance of their pretend play time.

It triggered the idea of a startup “Toddle town” – an Indoor Kids play area for children where I manage my career-motherhood balance while other parents can also be a part of their children’s Play time. We also want to contribute the best possible ways to the Parents community and younger children to spend quality time and have fun.