Our Town’s Story

D and I are parents of two little girls. We as IT professionals faced many challenges and obstacles like most parents by shuttling between work schedules and trying to spend quality time with our children. Though our kids were under the safe guidance and care, they missed our love and time as they eagerly waited for us to get back from work to play with them. This got us thinking.

One Sunday afternoon, when the power was out. I happened to observe the imaginative play my girls were enjoying with just a comb and a toothbrush. It felt like a complete acoustic Rock show with my first one holding the comb to her mouth and singing with her feet tapping to her favorite song and my little one tapping the brush and strumming it like a pro on a guitar concert. This raised my eyebrow with a smile on my face, to see how these little hearts get creatively imaginative with the simplest form of objects that make them happy and cheerful.

It was then it had struck my mind to think about every child`s imagination and the importance of their pretend play time. It`s fascinating of how such little things can matter the most to these tiny buds. We decided with the idea to setup Toddle town, a pretend kids play area for children to spend quality time with their parents and include them in their imaginative play.

Here we are, in the heart of Chennai - Adyar, carrying out our biggest mission to contribute in all possible ways for our children’s growth. We are here to build a better social structure that enhances human values based on imaginative play. We are the first of a kind imaginative kids play area in Chennai.
We welcome all new towners to our Toddle Town where Imagination has no boundaries!!!