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Toddle town is welcoming pre-schoolers to experience the First of its Kind Pretend Play Themed Activity & Learning Centre in India

Imagination-driven play constructs younger generation’s developmental skills.

The Significance of Pretend Play in Preschool

Pre-school is where kids are expected to be themselves and learn in their own way. As and when kids start capturing things through their eyes, they start living in a fantasy world where they live with the things that they’ve registered in mind.
Toddlers learn by imagining and experimenting them in their actions. A child picking up a remote control and pretending it to be a car, or hopping a doll as if it were a person are few instances of kids’ imaginative skills; using an object and giving an all new picture to it by giving it an action and motion. But this pretend play is not as simple as it may seem. This pretend play can also be termed as a make-believe concept. The process of pretending builds skills in many essential developmental areas including.

Kids start observing things sharply and start imitating them. They easily adapt to the environment and emulate what they see around them.
Imitating their mother, father and teacher is where it all starts. In a Pretend-Play themed Playschool, a number of kids having enormous pretending skills connect with each other which multiplies the creativity levels to the power of infinity. When they try to express what they feel, they understand the power of language in communicating things. They become verbal learners and start conveying what they feel. Narrating a story, enacting a scene that they’ve seen recently and putting them to words establishes the speaking skills and the process of writing is automatically triggered as it becomes the next stage of learning.

Long-lastinglearning,Good behaviour and Moral values

Moral values are important in all stages of life.

Moral values are the heart of one’s character. It forms the very core of one’s being and becomes a foundation of moral beliefs. Knowing good moral values such as kindness, humility, courage, empathy and compassion at an early age builds a child’s character. When they are fresh and energetic, they can be molded to a beautiful personality with all essential characteristics that make them a good human-being. This is where Preschool holds a huge responsibility.

Pretend Play Themed Centre

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Values-based Education

Imaginative Play Experiences

Global Cultural Learning

Whole Child Development

Play Based Learning

One element that is crucial to nurture a happy, well-formed child is the idea of playful discovery, and creativity in their Preschool

Children are known for their naughty and mischievous behaviour. Play-based learning capitalizes these attributes and imbibes the values that has to be imparted in them.The activities are curated based on individual interests of the kids as each and every kid is unique with their own imaginative skills. One element that is crucial to nurture a happy, well-formed child is the idea of playful discovery, and creativity in their Preschool.
Kindling their learning by travelling with them in their own world creates a whole new dimension of learning. Their creativity is nurtured and they think more efficiently. Providing them practical experiments/examples makes them curious to think beyond limits. When their thinking skills are ignited, they become effective problem-solvers.
From planting seeds in the Playschool garden, to recycling the papers for crafts, to rejoicing happy memories and lending shoulders to sadness, empathizing and voicing out as and when necessary, they begin to notice and analyze the pros and cons of their actions, both simple and complex.They start establishing connections, create boundaries and start predicting outcomes of an action. They learn to prioritize amongst the various choices available to them.
The vision of our play-based Preschool is to provide all the above learnings by constantly and consistently creating opportunities to kids in their day to day environment. This enhances the critical thinking skills of the kids which makes them efficient problem solvers.

Theme Based Learning at Preschool

Monthly Theme based Learning for the children to inculcate good habits, and to have connections with their communities of living.

With the curated personalised curriculum, we incorporate monthly theme-based learning which encompasses inculcating good habits, establishing connections with their environment alongside their usual curriculum.
The soul of this whole idea is to give them the best educational start.
What better way to do this than offering them an education that is engaging, meaningful and inspiring?
Theme-based learning is so much fun for children! Children become Kinaesthetic learners and master the art of learning by doing that adds meaning to their lives. This creates an ‘intrinsic motivation’ which means children learn because they want to learn, not because they have to learn.
In nut-shell, a kid’s emotional, physical and mental skills are kindled nurtured to build a strong emotional quotient and guide them towards the process of becoming a happy and successful individual.

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